as part of

Dollhouses - The Swimmingpool
Dollhouses Productions, Cologne, 2023

an immersive performance in Cologne Riehl
May 13th & 14th 2023

by and with
Hilma Bäckström, Flora Besenbäck, Jemima Rose Dean, Leonie Falke, Rubee Fegan, Ella Fleck, Rosanna Graf, Nora Hansen, Mia Hofner, Lisa Klosterkötter, Paulina Nolte, Signe Raunkjaer Holm, Isa Schieche, Miriam Stoney, My Anh Chi Trinh, Faun Vium and Benze C. Werner

A kiosk, a camping van, a balcony in the distance, a circus tent, a high-rise building and wide meadows. On the left bank of the Rhine, the Riehl neighborhood of Cologne houses the venue of the collectively developed performance DOLLHOUSES - The Swimmingpool. The audience is invited to visit the DOLLHOUSES resort to have “unforgettable experiences”. Guided by 15 performers through different scenes, the audience moves around the area through staged moments that together form a narrative.

DOLLHOUSES - The Swimmingpool addresses the past of the historic Riehl as “the Golden Corner” of Cologne. Through performance, installations and scenes inspired by the once existing amusement park, the performance oscillates between the past and a fictional future, intimacy and (dis)connection, longing and unbridgeable distance. DOLLHOUSES are dolls’ houses, playing fields, staged worlds in which time, space and perspective are always flexible, and which engage public space as an encountered, variable narrative.

photos: Jakob Engel