snakes in heaven sonneundsolche, Düsseldorf, 2021

I Am - by Luki von der Gracht

This is for all the light hunters,
the shape shifters and the god eaters
That made it all the way here

That broke out of darkness
And ate dust
The ones that came out of fire
Now create their own worlds

I’ll be waiting in the grass
I’ll be waiting by the flowers
And I’ll be waiting in the trees

Cold and shiny
I’m an animal
One sting and you’re done
It’s almost painless, don’t you worry

My eyes are black and yes, I color my lips
Yes, I zigzag-ed my way
But I twist and I wriggle and much as I like

My eyes are black and yes and I color my lips
You hush and you shushh
I’m dancing tonight

I’m dancing
I’m painting
I walk and I talk
I postpone
I say no
I produce
And I crawl

I spit out words
I slice up bodies
I walk the walk
I walk my walk

I am slippery and slow
I am danger
I am strong
I’m delicious
I am careful
You’re suspicious
You’re suspicious

You’re like me
It’s in our souls
It’s in our hearts
It’s in our bones
You’re chopping wood

It’s in my voice
I’m eating words
I’m eating dust
I’m chopping wood

With purpose and beauty
I leave behind shredded skin
And words are like skin
Don’t you think?

So this is my story
How I came to life
Now I’m writing on the wall
Writing my name in ink
I’m chopping wood
I’m wearing pink