Sebastian Doplbaur, Oskar Mayböck, Isa Schieche
Kubinhaus Zwickledt, 2019

In Alfred Kubin's novel "The Other Side" the narrator gets an invitation to move to the mysterious “Dream Realm”, the newly established country that seems to be beyond the world, far from Western civilization. The capital of this hidden country is called “Perle”, a weatherless place of apocalyptic desolation.
The exhibition "Perle" by Sebastian Doplbaur, Oskar Mayböck and Isa Schieche - an ensemble of sculptures, objects, light and sound - transposes the former hayloft of Alfred Kubin's cottage into a transition zone. “Perle” is in between museum and stage, utopia and dystopia.
The works open an enigmatic and familiar universe by its futuristic configured structure and folksy embossed elements. The sound piece by Oskar Mayböck installed in two of Sebastian Doplbaurs objects, invades the space with separated high and low frequencies. Rural field recordings are patched with elements of club music.

sound: Oskar Mayböck
mdf and light objects: Sebastian Doplbaur
sound objects: Oskar Mayböck and Sebastian Doplbaur
hey figures and masks: Isa Schieche